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The Hindu Samaj of Southern Sask. Inc. was formed on June 15, 1987 and the Hindu Temple was opened to the public on September 13, 1990.

As a non-profit religious organization, our objectives are to facilitate a process and means for the community of adults and children by being able to provide a central place for worship; to offer classes in Yoga, observation of rituals and to deepen spiritual practices that are conductive to the growth, harmony and understanding of the great traditions of Hinduism.

This site provides you information about the our Temple and its activities.


Durga Saptashati Katha on Sunday, 01 March at 9:00 AM at the Hindu Mandir. All are welcome to join.


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Hindu Temple, Regina is pleased to announce that devotees and well-wishers can now donate or become a member of the Hindu Temple using credit card or debit card via Paypal using the button below. All the payments are secured through Paypal. Please Donate generously towards the noble cause of building expansion and show your full support by becoming the member of the Hindu Samaj. All donations carry a small Paypal commission that is deducted from the amount received by the Hindu Samaj.


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